Quatro de Mayo

May 4, 2004

Realizing I haven't posted in nearly a week while simultaneously lacking interesting events to report, I have decided to play a variation of a blog game I found on a friend's LiveJournal. The original game is "5 Questions," where you ask the blogger 5 questions to which he must respond. Instead, I'm going to ask 5 questions of everyone who reads this. You may answer any subset of them you choose.

1) Have you ever tried Linux? If so, what would make you consider switching to Linux for your desktop pc?

2) What feature would you most like to see added to personal websites? What about this one in particular?

3) What kind of special insight, if any, can a computer scientist bring to discussions on religion?

4) What accounts for the popularity of American Idol?

5) Do you have any advice for travelling in Europe?

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