Ph4t L00t

June 11, 2002

One nice thing about my trip home is all the old computer junk I brought back with me. My parents bought a new HP a while back and so had a bunch of random parts left over from the old machine. Since they weren't using any of it, I grabbed a CD-ROM, two HDs (2 GB and 6 GB), a SoundBlaster Live, 128 MB RAM, and a USB camera. The 6GB HD is going in my desktop machine as spare Windows space so I can install more than two games at one time. The CD-ROM is going into my file server or possibly another "lab" computer that I might build out of Kim's old machine and the 2 GB hard drive. The SoundBlaster is going into Kim's desktop, since her current sound card is unlikely to work in Linux. The extra RAM is going into the file server. Its the only machine that can use it, and more RAM is always better, right? Finally, the camera is going to eventually run a guinea-pig cam once we get a new one.

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