Moms with Games

May 10, 2004

How many of your mothers play video games? My mom is crazy about Q-bert. I think its the only game I didn't have to beg her to buy me when I was a kid. I found a thread on a web forum I read which asked this question. Most were the expected "Tetris, Dr. Mario, the Sims," but there were some funny ones. For example,

"My mom beat both super mario brothers 1 and 3 before I did. She would tell me it was past my bedtime, and then play for an hour or two.

She would also neurotically search every inch of wall in wolfenstine3d for secret rooms. If she missed even one secret, she'd start the level over and try again."

And another,

"My Mom kept it old school so her favorite game was Administering Guilt & Blame."


"My mom beat the original zelda so many times it's obscene. ust recently I was looking in a bunch of old boxes we have and I found a huge stack of hand drawn maps with notes all done in her handwriting."

And finally,

"My mom loves Samba De Amigo. Thinks it's the best game ever. She's been trying to get me to buy first party controllers for the last 2 years (I originally borrowed them from a friend, then bought third party controllers). She's constantly bitching about my Cha Cha maracas. I say, 'Mom, I don't want to spend 200 bucks so that you and your Ya Ya Sisterhood can stand there and shake your rumps to a damn monkey in a sombrero.' She doesn't listen."


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