Electronic mishaps

June 13, 2002

Before the Cable technician came out to repair our Internet service, I moved all our networking equipment into the bedroom so I wouldn't get any talk about purchasing their "home networking package." Of course, that ploy backfired on me when I went to set everything back up. Our router/firewall/DHCP box takes a 6V power supply, but our switch takes a 12V one. I accidently switched them around, which promptly fried both the router/firewall/DHCP box and the 12V power supply I stupidly hooked up to it. I found a replacement for the power supply at Radio Shack and the switch is now working fine, but the other box is useless now. Instead of buying another one of those, I'm going to move its functionality over to Isadore, my file server. This has several other side-benefits. I can set up some more interesting firewall software in linux than that box had running. I am especially looking forward to examining the logs. At the very least, I'll have fun trying to get it all set up tonight.

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