Broken down

May 31, 2004

I finally caved and upgraded my 6 year old version of Windows 98 to XP. A few years ago, I completely switched over to Linux for all work-related computer use, but I kept Win98 around for games. Thus, I was never plagued by the instability issues and lack of modern features in Win98, since I did all my real work in Linux. If Windows crashed, it didn't really matter. I could always just restart my game.

Today, things changed. Now that Microsoft no longer supports Windows 98, the video game manufacturers have stopped as well. My brand new copy of Thief: Deadly Shadows wouldn't run in old 98, so I was forced to upgrade to play it. Luckily, as a student of the UIUC CS Department, I get a free copy for my "research projects," even for my personal computer. Thus, I am writing a paper for publication (on my website) on "Reasons to Upgrade to WinXP from Win98." I already have one data point: To run Thief 3.

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