June 10, 2002

Since I watched Memento last week, here's my recent vacation in reverse chronological order.

We had a Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown, Chicago with Andy and Michelle at "Won Kow" restaurant, which is right next door to the "King Wah" restaurant which Dave recommended. "King Wah" didn't advertise that they sold Dim Sum, so we had to pick a place that did. Andy and Michelle were nice enough to pick us up from Midway airport after our uneventful flight from Tampa. Before getting on the plane, I was picked for the random search and had to take off my shoes. I was glad to be wearing clean, new socks. My mom dropped us off at the Tampa airport early that morning.

The day before (Saturday) we traveled all over the state of Florida. My mom picked us up in Wildwood (the closest exit to the turnpike) where Eric O. dropped us off. Eric O. took us to Wildwood from Gainesville where we had just eaten dinner at the fantastic El Patio restaurant. We arrived in Gainesville during the late afternoon after traveling from Tallahassee. I drove Eric Rehmeyer's car while he slept in the back seat.

The three of us took the trip to Tallahassee in order to attend the wedding of our friends, Dan and Rachel. The reception was a lot of fun, especially since we saw a lot of friends that we hadn't seen in six months or longer. The wedding was very nice, though short. Dan swayed back and forth through the whole thing like he was going to pass out. Luckily his groomsmen were right there to catch him. We arrived at the wedding about five minutes late because we grepped the wrong address from the invitation and ended up spending about 45 minutes looking for Rachel's house instead of the proper wedding location. Eric Rehmeyer, in his infinite kindness, provided us with transportation to Tallahassee for the wedding.

The night before leaving for Tallahassee, I sat around playing Frequency with Josh, Rehmeyer, and a number of other guys. Kim slept on the couch in the backroom since she had come down with a miserable cold. We pulled into Gainesville about midnight Friday/Saturday thanks to a ride from Eric O., who had been visiting us in St. Pete.

Prior to leaving St. Pete, we had a nice dinner with various relatives and spent the afternoon with two friends of ours from college, Dave and Ed. They had recently returned from Japan and brought with them a number of Playstation games, all in Japanese so as to be completely incomprehensible. They were fun anyway. Before heading over to their house, we spent the morning hanging out with Eric and eating lunch with my sister and her boyfriend.

Eric had arrived the night before almost simultaneously with Kim's mother. Before going to see "Attack of the Clones" on the digital projector at Parkside Mall with my father, we all went out to dinner. Earlier in the day we had lunch with my dad and Kim's dad. We spent the morning playing DDR with my sisters.

We were up late the night before celebrating Melody's graduation from high school. She's the youngest of my sisters. Many of my relatives from both sides of the family were at the party and we all played DDR after eating cake and snacking. The graduation was boring, as all graduations are, although it had its exciting moments, such as when a streaker took off across the stage. That was more interesting than anything that happened at my high school graduation. We didn't really do too much before the graduation. Just hanging out around the house and helping my mom get ready for the party. We flew into Tampa late the night before.

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